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This site is dedicated to providing upto date, accurate development information
There are many online sources that contain outdated or just flat out mis-information. We know we can’t do any thing about all of those bad actors but we can at least do our best in our own domain to keep information current



Since some of my posts have been kind of ‘ranty’, and I want to keep this site as informative as possible without obfuscating that information with my opinions, I am in the process of moving those ‘opinionated’ pieces to my personal blog: brando.blog  

Now, with that said…I will still link to those posts that document my frustrations with current trends in the IT industry and I feel (my opinion once again) that these are important subjects that need to be addressed.  

Those type of posts are a better fit there because…we’ll they’re after all my personal opinions and they belong on my personal blog where I have more freedom to express my frustrations with the tech industry.

We started this blog to document the correct procedures for various development tasks and methods. The Internet is filled with enough opinion-based mis-information. I want to keep this site as clean and to the point as possible..  

Due to the nature of these issues though, they are highly susceptible to one having strong opinions and those discussions are best left off this platform and better suited on my personal blog where they can be discussed without compromising in integrity of the information we are trying to provide here.