Retrieving Your Emails From Gmail – Easy Method

Downloading Emails From Your Gmail Account to Your PC

This article is going to go over how to recover / retrieve emails and also other data that Google has stored in there cloud servers. acknowledged

The 1st Method is geared more for the typical user that just wants to download their data so they have access to it locally.

Having a local copy of some of your online data, whether its your files or emails, stored on your device will allow you access to your important data in the event you loose your network connection due to poor signal strength, network congestion or even a Coronal Mass Ejection that ends up bringing down wireless networks through out the world.

With everyone, well maybe not everyone, but more people than yesterday  finally starting to take their data & privacy seriously. Companies like Google & Facebook are offering their users to download the entire data sets of information that these companies have on you.

Google offers your data through a project called Google Takeout on their site called Download Your Data Facebook also offers the ability to download your data but after looking over their instructions it didn’t seem as intuitive as Google’s Takeout. It could also be due to the fact that I’m like literally the last person in the country that doesn’t have a Facebook account so I didn’t’ go through the steps.

My wife however downloaded her data-set from face book & I don’t recall her having any trouble doing so. I remember it was a large download so it did take a while.

You don’t realize how much information these companies really have about you until you download it & look at it yourself.

I downloaded by Google Data Set over the summer. It came in at a whopping 50GB! That took 3 days to download. I haven’t even opened the archive because I’m kind of afraid to look. Knowing I at least have a copy of what Google has on me makes me feel a little better…well, maybe marginally.

Many had gotten complacent with the level of access they were giving to companies like Google and Facebook. Little by little making small  compromises like allowing an App more privileges than it needs but you still end up accepting the terms of service because, well they really don’t give you an option. You either except that they’re going t mine your information so they can be able to target more personal advertisements to you or you don’t download & install the developers app or game.

It seems so minor. It’s just one here maybe one there. Then a data breach happens. Once here…next week one somewhere else. Next thing you know (actually I don’t think anyone on the planet knows to what extent) you data is probably spanned across 5… 10…20+ data centers. All with various security protocols in place with varying level of risk for exploitation.

It’s big data baby!

Well I think people are starting to care a little bit more. It’s kind of a day late dollar short kind thing though. They already have our data. They already know us better then we know our self’s.

You can’t just hit rewind & get you personal information that quite literally spanned across hundreds of servers in server farms spread across the globe.

Well it’s kind of a no win situation for everybody now. On one hand you have the companies that store all this information about us & they all have had some form of data breach happen & next thing you know you hear the news about a million accounts compromised here. 20 million user accounts name, address and email there. 50 million breached on another platform that maybe had a piece of data that in of it self is nothing that would be of concern because they didn’t get the data in the “more secure” database server or it’s thought  of as a randomly generated ID that’s not identifiable.

But there just comparing it to there data-set. There not factoring the dataset of the 100 million users that got hacked 6 months ago, but you just finding out about it know because the company didn’t want the bad press.

Well now that little piece of data the may have seemed harmless & useless, suddenly becomes  a lot more important because it turns out that can be used to identify users in this other data breach. So if your one of the nameless victims of the 50 million and 100 million user data breaches, it’s just gotten a lot worse as far as collateral damage is concerned.

At lets be honest here. 50 million, 100 million…those aren’t small numbers and with the population of the US hovering around 300+ million (update statistic) odds are definitely not in our favor.

Couple that with the fact that nearly every one in the United States last year had their identities stolen and I doubt most people know the company or that it even happened.

Timing was on Experon’s side last year because when the news broke, so did a hurricane in Dallas/Mississippi (check facts) was making landfall & who want to here about how almost every single citizen that has a credit report had there information compromised when we can watch the excitement of watching some weatherman fumble over himself on the 6:00 news?!

Yeah, it made head lines. But I don’t think people really understand how bad that was and the will be over a long period of time it’s not really quantifiable.

Couple thousand identities stolen here. A couple thousand there. These are smart people we’re dealing with . If they have the skills to execute these sort of breaches they more than likely aren’t going to steal everyone’s identity all at one. That’s not even possible, but this is a cow that’s going to be milked for an entire generation.

So something needs to be done…maybe big brother can save us?!

I wouldn’t count on it…

…to be continued shortly




TEXT BELOW IS FROM EARLIER VERSION OF THIS DOCUMENT. Go through to see if there is any thoughts or ideas I left out of the post above.

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Those aren’t free apps. You have effectively put a price on your private data by accepting some of the ridiculous level of access that some of these apps our there say they require.



for the ability to maybe use that App wether it’s the newest Viral Time Sucking Game or a App that just shows you pictures of cats but for some reason needed access to all your contacts…huh? Oh, but look at fluffy in that picture.  I guess you can have access to my private data, just give me the cat pics…sooo cute!


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get offline access to you files. Keep in mind though, all the data that Google has for you to download may not actually fit on your device.

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