DevOps Journal: A Breath of Fresh Air… Kubuntu’s Dolphin(s) Got it Right

Kubuntu: A Sleek Desktop Environment That You Should Try

I gotta say this past year getting back into IT, Linux has been a breath of fresh air. I’ve used it in the past (back in the day about a decade ago), but I haven’t run into a situation where I couldn’t do a task because of limitations of software options. Heck, if a program doesn’t have the functionality that your looking for, it’s too easy to throw together a script that’s customized to your use case and be on your way.

Oh, and compared to Windows, I’m sorry, but IMHO, Kubuntu is much more polished and feature rich. Besides the sleek interface, what really blew me away is how awesome the Dolphin File Manager is.

After 20 years of Windows Explorer…never looking back. Dolphin is by far the best File Manager I’ve used, and yes, I have tried a number of others through out the years besides Explorer, but Dolphin’s interface design is exquisite (the ability to have hierarchical directory tree views within the file list is genius) & the configuration options available are endless and you can configure every aspect of your system to suit your needs.

The desktop switching feature that makes each desktop look like a side of a cube is visually pleasing when switching between desktops.

Linux has definitely come a long way the past few years and with the countless distributions, you’d be hard pressed to not find one that suits your needs.

If you have a spare computer or have enough system resources to run a extra virtual machine, give Kubuntu a try.


–  Brando

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